UTRPP Alumni Mentoring Program

We are excited to announce the launch of the UTRPP Alumni Mentoring Program (AMP). AMP pairs UTRPP alumni with final-year Residents to foster professional mentoring relationships between our current students and those who have gone before. The content of mentoring conversations could range from practical support (advice and/or resources) for Residents during their hectic final semester in UTRPP, to insight or tips on how they might seek their ideal teaching position as they begin submitting resumes this coming spring… and everything in between!
If you are a UTRPP Alumni, we would be honored if you would consider volunteering as a mentor in AMP. Initial meetings between mentors and mentees will take place in early January (more details to come) and will continue for one full semester through the first week of April. If you accept this invitation to be an AMP mentor, you would be committing to initiating a one hour coffee/call/meal (your choice) per month with the Resident with whom you are paired.
For more information about the program and to sign up to be a mentor, please complete this Google Form.